Turntables:  Helix 1

A breakthrough in analog playback design and execution.

A new turntable from an accomplished team who decided to push the envelop in analog playback. Genuine engineering breakthroughs which create a new bar for performance in turntables. The Helix 1 is a showcase for MSA (c)  - Micro Signal Architecture - A new way of thinking borne from the electron micrsocope world where unwanted vibration is the enemy of resolution.

Helix 1 rewards the listener with the closest facsimile to master tape yet realized. Audio Union's engineering facilities and listening rooms use several studio reference level and highly modified master tape systems that were used to compare the Helix 1 to a range of other well-known turntables.

The specifications of the Helix 1 demand the ultimate in noise suppression and isolation systems to allow the turntable and pickup arms to deliver the micro-signals buried in the vinyl grooves on well authored LP’s.

Every aspect of the turntable design requires the preservation of the micro signals found in the groove of the LP to be retrieved with as little modification and distortion as physically and electronically possible.

Döhmann Helix 1 turntable by Audio Union incorporates several engineering advances to deliver the lowest resonance profile for any pickup arm and LP combination.

Features include:

MSA - Micro Signal Architecture©

NSM - Negative Stiffness Mechanism Vibration Isolation 0.5 Hz (Fz) Vertical 1.5 Hz (Fz) Horizontal

MCT - Mechanical Crossover Technology

TMP - Tri-Modal Platter system

EDR - Edge Damping Ring

TDS - Tone arm Damping System

RTS - Resonance Tuned Suspension

DLC - Diamond Like Coating Amorphous Material Bearing Friction Modifier

HTAD - High Torque Adjustable Drive Speed Selections 33, 45 RPM (78 RPM by request)

Velocity Adjustment Lock – Speed is constantly calibrated over 130,000 times per second to deliver precise 33.33 or 45.15 rpm (factory default).

Dimensions and Weight

Helix 1 - Table Width 600mm (24”) x Depth 480mm (19”) x Height 250mm (10”)

Helix 1 – Control Box Width 483mm (19”) x Depth 480mm (19”) x Height 133mm (5”)

Standard 3RU (19 inches) Configuration. Power 120 VAC, 50/60Hz 2 amps or 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 1 amp

Combined shipping weight is 80Kg (shipped in 2 custom fabricated boxes).

Recommended installation requires a surface capable of supporting up to 80Kg (160 pounds) and a 620mm (25”) wide x 500mm (20”) deep surface for the isolation platform to be able to move freely.

Factory set speed selection by push button for 33 1/3 or 45 rpm.

The Helix 1 allows 33, 45 and if required 78RPM and a wide variety of engineering adjustments to create “audio bliss” that is very user friendly and easy to operate.

Multiple arms up to 12 inch are accommodated with ease of operation and setup assured. Removable arm boards allow simple interchange and calibration.

The new Dohmann Helix 1 turntable from Audio Union sets new benchmarks for performance in Analog. Coupled with the Schroder CB arm this table offers unsurpassed sonic results. An immediate distinction in terms of speed accuracy is noticed by experienced listeners. This is not a direct drive sound rather it presents as an organic rightness with macro and micro dynamics that astonish.

Simple to operate and able to perform in rooms where other tables fail such as wooden floorboards which create feedback loops on tables with less effective isolation solutions.

This table deserves an audition. Visit for more details

Turntables:  Helix 2

Dual Belt Drive Turntable with Negative Stiffness Suspension

The Helix 2 is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in analog playback. It raises the benchmarks for noise reduction and preservation of signals due to its unique Micro Signal Architecture (MSA) design.

The complex chassis design of the Helix 2 incorporates technological innovations to eliminate cloudiness and time signature smear inherent in a turntable’s basic design premise.

This fresh approach addresses each aspect of noise and vibration suppression using the latest in visualization techniques, engineering concepts, and patented technologies.

Other innovations in the Helix 2 design include:

  • Active transmigration of vibrations away from the bearing and platter.
  • Motor drive control over fluidity and dynamics eliminates motor “hunt and seek” disruption to platter rotation.
  • Adaptation and integration of a Negative Stiffness Mechanism NSM©, a unique isolation system originally developed by Minus-K and customized in conjunction with Audio Union, for isolation of low frequency floor vibrations.

  • Audio Union understands all listening environments are unique. The Helix 2 is designed to operate flawlessly in non-ideal environments such as older houses with wooden floors, upper floors, attics where external vibrations are carried through buildings - even those made from concrete, steel, and brick.

    Our passion for recording and playback of music has driven us to innovate and create the Helix 2 to satisfy our desire to obtain a new reference in analog playback. We are confident you will appreciate our meticulous attention to detail from the very first note you hear in your own listening room.

    The Helix 2 turntable can be situated on any furniture; fit in with any architecture and décor with the capacity to support 70Kg and provide shelf space at least 480mm wide and 400 mm deep.

One step under the class leading Helix 1 but still a no compromise design. Sonically its in the top tier of turntables. Simply amazing performance!

Impervious to external vibration with the full MinusK Suspension inside. If it works for electron microscopes then hear what it does to a turntable!

A stunning addition to the Dohmann line now within reach of serious listeners without the bling budget.